High School Climbing League (New!) $45/Month

Practice Times TBD by Your School's League

This league is designed to be a fun, social climbing club that holds inter-school recreational climbing competitions every quarter. The focus will be on teaching high school-age climbers to become confident, respectful, and ethical while developing the love of a healthy life-long sport.

  • Does your school have a league set up? Contact us to find out and we'll get you connected!
  • What if my school doesn't have a league set up yet? You can start one! Ask us how.
  • Unlimited climbing
  • Unlimited gear rentals
  • Free Climbing 101 (must be during regularly scheduled Climbing 101)
  • 10% off gear shop
  • 10% off classes
  • 10% off private training
Team Member Recommendations:
  • Attendance at team practices and competitions
  • Must be a current student of a participating school
  • Adherence to team rules
  • Positive, encouraging attitude


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