Warm Vinyasa


Instructor: Kristin 

Warm Vinyasa Flow class is designed with the intention of offering a middle-ground between uber-sweaty, heated vinyasa classes and non-heated flow classes by setting temperature to a comfortably warm 75-80 degrees. You can expect all of the same elements that you receive in our other Vinyasa classes- an inventive and vigorous flowing of postures guided by deep and steady breath, along with the added ingredient of a glistening, purifying sweat. This delicious and energizing practice will of course end with a blissful savasana to soak in all the benefits of the practice.

“‚ÄčThis is the perfect class for those looking for a warmer environment over the winter or those who are just looking to achieve an enhanced sweat.”

This class is led by RYT200 certified teacher Kristin.

Every Tuesday at 7:00am
Free to Zenith members \\ $10 drop-ins for non-members


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