Core Team


Teams and Youth Classes
Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Ages 11-18 This climbing team is perfect for motivated, committed youth climbers. Team members will receive quality coaching and learn advanced climbing technique along with physical conditioning. The focus will be on teaching young climbers to become confident, respectful, and ethical. Competition participation, including travel, is encouraged but not required. Travel and competition fees not included.

  • 4 hours per week of advanced instruction
  • Unlimited climbing membership
  • Unlimited yoga membership
  • Free gear rentals (while in session)
  • Top rope belay training (ages 13+)
  • Access to Training Equipment
  • Access to Workout Space
  • 15% off rentals, pro-shop, clinics, and camps
  • 50% off Personal Training
Team Member Recommendations:
  • Personal climbing shoes, harness, chalk bag, and belay device
  • Attendance at team practices every week and at least one gym climbing session outside of practice
  • Positive, encouraging attitude, and a willingness to learn

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